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Public Notices

New Jersey Government Energy Aggregation Program

If you already have JCP&L as your provider, you need to do nothing to opt into this program. You will already receive the benefits by just continuing your service as usual.
If you decide this is not a program that you would like to participate in and would like to opt out, please call 1-877-292-3904.
When a contract expires residents will return to the JCP&L rate until a new provider is secured. During that period you may receive letters indicating that your service provider has changed (meaning you are returning back to JCP&L) and then again another letter when a new provider is secured. It can be a bit confusing, but questions as to the legitimacy of the letter can be confirmed through the municipal office at 973-786-6688 as we will be aware of the contract change time.
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Rate Counsel Comments 2018
SWAEC Response to Rate Counsel Comment Letter 2018
Program Update March 2019

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